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Hi, I'm Amélie. This is my personal academic website with my research interests, projects, publications and activities. My research interests include applied ecology with a spatial focus to inform management and planning of coastal and marine wildlife and areas. Beaches, cliffs, waves, wildlife in and out of the water; the coast always brings a Zing! The Wild Coasts page also brings you to visit some amazing coasts I visited and check some sample artworks.




May 2018 - Aspiring Leaders Program. I got into this program that runs over 4 months and it's been very good. It is for staff in the resource management sector of central government. Understanding work preferences, strength-based development, personality types, leadership style and brand. Very interesting!


March 2018 - New paper! My collaborative work for developing a framework to map key areas for marine megafauna across species and data types, with the case study of the Falkland Islands is now published online in Marine Policy. I can't thank enough all my co-authors and everybody else who contributed and, in particular Maria Dias for her fantastic R script!


March 2018 - Te Rarawa Hui Taiao - Te Ao Turoa. The 3rd National Māori Conservation Hui took place in Ahipara this month; great experience listening to inspiring projects and outcomes.


December 2017- Great news! Veronica Frans has earned 1st prize in the MCED Award for Innovative Contributions to

Ecological Modelling 2017 for our paper from her MSc. Oh and MCED stands for Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics. Well deserved!


November 2017 - Looking forward to co-supervise a summer student with Laureline Meynier at Massey University as part of a successful bid in the DOC summer scholarship program on the recolonisation of New Zealand fur seals in Northland.


September 2017- Blog post written by Jan on the blog of Methods in Ecology and Evolution based on Veronica's latest paper; great piece of communication to promote the paper and its modeling framework to deal with species with multiple habitat needs!


August 2017- New paper! Denise (now going with the last name Blake) was one of my research assistants in the Falklands working on the MSP project. Her study on mapping cultural coastal values is now published in Ocean & Coastal Management. Great collaboration with Kate Sherren. Well done Denise (it's her first paper) and too many more with the PhD!


June 2017 - New paper! Veronica's first paper from her MSc is now out in Methods in Ecology and Evolution presenting a new multi-state SDM framework for species with partitioned habitat needs (using the case study of the New Zealand sea lion). Big congratulations, a great outcome for hard work and team work with passionate researchers.


May 2017 - Biosecurity Bonanza. This year the meeting took place in Whangarei so it was handy to attend. Great insights into current work around weed and pest control research. All talks can be see on the Biosecurity Bonanza website.


April 2017 - The AFCAS report that I wrote proposing the first marine reserves and management areas in the Falkland Islands is out for public consultation. This is very exciting and a great further step towards marine conservation there.


December 2016 - Back in New Zealand! After 4.5 years working overseas, it feels good to be back. I am starting my new job and discovering a new area of the country is very exciting! And what an area: amazing coastlines and islands indeed, photos to come, check out the Wild Coast page.


November 2016 - Fairbanks! Veronica Frans is visiting Falk Huettmann's lab and presenting our work on baleen whales in the Falkland Islands at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Arctic Biology.


November 2016 - New report on proposed MPA for the Falklands. The AFCAS report (Assessment of Fishing Closure Areas as Sites for marine management areas) is part of the next stage of MSP. I designed its format to be more appealing to stakeholders and politicians to drive consultation and decision. It is under review and should go for stakeholder and public consultation early next year.


November 2016 - New job! Very pleased to say, I will be back in New Zealand at the end of the month to start work in December at the Department of Conservation. Leaving the Falkland Islands and its amazing coastal wildlife will be sad. Thanks to great collaborators, stakeholders and (mostly all ex- by now) colleagues that allowed me to have a very nice and productive time.


September 2016 - Conference presentation at the UK Overseas Territories and Marine & Coastal Group Conference 2016, in London, UK, on 21-9-2016 on the marine spatial planning framework I developed and how it applies for small islands with limited resources.


September 2016 - New paper! in Biological Conservation LEK to investigate baleen whale recovery in the Falkland Islands. Veronica's paper on our study part of marine spatial planning gathered the first data on whale recovery and distribution patterns. Amazing contribution from the community and all the local residents who participated in the study, thanks!


August 2016 - Presentation to the Montserrat Government (on skype, still in sub-Antarctic winter here...) on Marine Spatial Planning for their islands as part of the Territories to Territories project, and how the framework developed for the Falkland Islands can be applied there. Great to see their enthusiasm for MSP.


August 2016 - Some publicity! Ross James, the Falkland Islands biosecurity officer, wrote a nice piece on marine biosecurity, using part of the work I was involved with to map sites at risk from introduction of marine invasives around the islands from shipping and tourism activities.


July 2016 - New paper! in Polar Biology Anthropogenic debris in the diet of turkey vultures. A little different to my main research but plastic pollution is an issue, even in the most remote places, and there has not been any study here so hopefully this provides a start point for more research in that field (and some management to reduce pollution).


July 2016 - Workshop attendance in the Falklands for the gap project. For 4 days, we worked on defining analyses to quantify the risk to marine megafauna from the developing hydrocarbon industry around the Falklands. Fantastic to work again with April Hedd, Al Baylis, Filippo Galimberti, and Laetizia Campioni. Thanks to workshop facilitators and organisers Megan Tierney and James Grecian.


July 2016 - Thanks Jun! Junichi Sugishita (based in New Zealand) has now finished mapping the coastal kelp beds all around the Falklands; a great new dataset for marine spatial planning and further coastal research. Good luck with your new endeavours Jun.


June 2016 - New Funding Source. Good news, the Falkland Islands Government has provided SAERI with a grant to keep working on the project Marine Spatial Planning that I have been leading (originally funded for 2 years by a Darwin Plus grant that runs out end of June), with £35,000 for one year.


June  2016 - New paper! in Ocean and Coastal Management GIS-based multi-criteria analysis of breeding habitats for recolonising species: New Zealand sea lions. This paper came from a Honours student's project, by Hamish MacMillan (now working at Trimble NZ), that developed a methodology to identify suitable sites for recolonisation based on recommendations from my Masters.


June 2016 - Thanks and Farewell Veronica . Veronica Frans spent 10 months on the Falklands as a Research Assistant in my team working on whale recovery and habitat predictive modeling. We'll miss you Veronica! She's off to Alaska soon to work as a Fisheries Observer; we'll still be working together on publications from her work here, keep an eye out.


May 2016 - New Workshop Report. The report for the April workshop is now published and summarises the outcomes as well as the recommendations for the way forward to implement Marine Spatial Planning in the Falklands; download it here.


May 2016 - Workshop Attendance in the Falklands. I provided expertise and feebdack to develop the new Falklands Biodiversity Strategy and for identification of Key Biodiversity Areas (part of the EU-BEST project). Thanks to Nick Rendell and Maria Taylor for facilitating.


May 2016 - Congrats Denise! Denise Herrera has been working as a research assistant in my team for 6 months to map coastal cultural values for inclusion in marine spatial planning. She has just started a new job as Data Manager at the Fisheries Department here in the Falklands. Congrats and good luck with the new job Denise!


April 2016 - Workshop Attendance and Presentation in London, UK, at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to work Towards an evidence-based MPA for Ascension Island’. Thanks to workshop organiser and facilitator Jude Brown. I gave a brief presentation of what we are up to in the Falklands for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), and showcased our new MSP webGIS, with good feedback.


April 2016 - New Series of Newspaper Articles. Denise, Veronica and I each wrote short newspaper articles that were published over 3 weeks on mapping cultural coastal values, whale recovery and local workshop for marine spatial planning.


April 2016 - Collaboration at BirdLife International, for a project on identifying key marine areas for marine megafauna. A great few days working in the brand new BirdLife International premises (I just missed David Attenborough's opening by a few days... bad timing) in Cambridge, UK. Thanks Maria Dias for your hospitality and hard work on this project.


April 2016 - Conference Presentation at US-IALE  2016 in the USA (the International Association for Landscape Ecology). Veronica Frans presented our study on whale recovery using local ecological knowledge and predictive modeling of suitable habitat using Maxent. Well done Veronica! There were some great feedback.


April 2016 - Workshop Organised and Facilitated in the Falklands for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). Over 25 local stakeholders were gathered, with a few international guests, for 3 days to identify priorities for MSP and  define a strategy for implementation; great to have Rachel Shucksmith (from the Shetlands) providing expert knowledge in MSP (and a fantastic public talk).


March 2016 - Successful Grant Proposal! SAERI put a grant proposal to Darwin Plus to start a long-term research on coastal dolphins of the Falklands to provide data for marine spatial planning, and as a co-leader, it is fantastic to get the news that it was successful, with  £270,000 over 2 years.


March 2016 - MSP webGIS Now Online! This is a great new tool developed as part of the Darwin Plus 'Marine Spatial Planning for the Falkland Islands'; the spatial data gathered in the MSP GIS database is now available for display on this innovative online  mapping tool for stakeholders. Check it out here. Great collaboration with iLaria Marengo, from SAERI's Data Center.


January 2016 - Visiting scientist. Dr Maria Dias from BirdLife International spent a week in the Falklands to work with me on our collaborative project to identify key areas for marine megafauna in the Falklands. Great productive week with many hours of brain smoking and analysis trials, and thanks for a great public talk too Maria.


January 2016 - Shearwater Fieldwork - or when the blizzard hits in summer... Great to spend a week in the field retrieving GLS tags from sooty shearwaters on Kidney Island. But it may not exactly match what your expectations of summer fieldwork... with freezing temperatures, snow and blizzard (well only the last day!).


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