Marine Spatial Planning in reality; top dow approaches still dominate

Louise Lieberknecht took part in a workshop I led last year on Marine Spatial Planning for the Falkland Islands and presented the results from some of her very interesting work in the UK, providing advice for the Falklands. I am very pleased to see that these results are now published. Louise is co-author on a new open-access paper investigating what Marine Spatial Planning means in reality. The authors looked at a range of MSP initiatives across European countries. They pinpoint that most often the realities of MSP differ greatly from the conceptual ideas.


"It is concluded that the realities of how MSPing is working contrast with widely recognised concepts and ideals as to how MSPing should work, as integrated-use MSPing based on political expedience and blue growth priorities is diverging from and potentially competing with ecosystem-based MSPing, including marine protected area networks..."  Abstract from Jones et al. 2016


The bottom-up approach to MSP here in the Falkland Islands is very challenging but is worth the effort to bring the concepts and realities of MSP clsoer together and ensure stakeholdesr from all different groups can work toegther towards a real holistic management for multiple obejctives, including environmental.

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