Coasts are the most beautiful places on the planet; they are wild, unpredictable, full of wildlife above and under the water. I feel extremely lucky that, as a child who grew up far from the sea, my dad drove us almost each year to the French Mediteranean coast, camping along some amazing coasts, spending hours in the water, watching fish. Along with science communication or rather to enhance it, I think Arts can be a powerful medium to reach communities and people and share my passion for the coasts and their wildlife and why they are important to us. Below are a sample of my pictures and drawings for some Coastal Zing!

Wild Sceneries from Rocks to Sand

Wild Drawings

Wild Life Above and Under Water

Wild Sunset: Best on the Coast

Amelie Auge


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On a Falkland Islands' beach covered in Magellanic penguins.

Photo: Nathan McNally